My Current Beauty Favorites For Spring

A lightweight gel moisturizer that deeply hydrates without leaving a residue. This is actually more moisturizing on me than heavier creams that I've tried.

A new discovery that has been an absolute pleasure to wear. Just like the tinted moisturizer, these are sheer, glowy, and undetectable on the skin, all of the things I love in a beauty product. 

I tend to prefer lighter formulas in terms of beauty products; this also goes for my lip products. Nothing hydrates my lips as well as lanolin and the light pink tint is beautiful for spring makeup looks.

Sunscreen all year round is a given, but sometimes we forget to our hands need protection too. I've noticed that I tend to get sunspots/fine lines on my hands when I spend more time in the sun so a hand cream with sun protection is a must in my handbag. I love this one because it doesn't leave a residue and also will improve the look of my hands over time!

Again it's all about the experience for me, handmade in India this facial mist is absolutely divine. It almost feels like I'm taking care of my soul whilst doing my makeup in the morning. I keep it on my vanity as it happens to be a stunning bottle as well, ready to spritz on before and after makeup.

Let me know what you are currently loving for spring!
xo, LL
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