What I'm Reading, Buying, and Obsessing Over Right Now

 What I'm Reading... 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama has brought some much-needed motivation into my professional life. Reading a couple of pages at night gets me excited for a fresh new day and all that that I can accomplish.

What I'm Buying... It's no secret that I absolutely love my cup of coffee and the clear mugs have become quite trendy lately. The first pair I bought was The Double Wall Thermo Glasses which are perfect for iced coffees in my opinion. These more chunky ones are from Anthropologie.

What I'm Obsessing Over... Okay I know I said I would never go into digital planning BUT I've found probably the best app ever. The Planbella calendar app is amazing because it not only works as a calendar but you can add lists, notes, and events into each day. I like to add things like what content I need to film that day or groceries that I have to buy, and it's super satisfying to be able to check them off!

Let me know of your current obsessions, thanks for reading! xo.

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