2021 Dream Goals And Improvements

1. Cutting down on sugar.

I will admit I have had a major sweet tooth since I was a little girl. Now I'm not saying you have to completely cut out sugar but there are just far too many cons to having too much sugar in your system including premature aging. 

2. Morning journaling/reading. 

It's been really nice not jumping on my phone first thing in the morning and doing a bit of reading/writing instead. I've been filling out my gratitude journal from CGD London as well as reading a page in The Daily Stoic while sipping on my morning coffee. It really helps to get my brain flowing for the day. 

3. Evening walks.

I tend to wrap up my workday around 5 or 6 pm. This is when I like to talk a walk for 20 mins. to get my body flowing after sitting in a chair all day. 

           4. More self-care.            

I took a lot more baths in 2020 and I'm not mad about it.. if you tend to have a lot of back pain like I do I suggest running a super warm bath with epsom salts to destress. Self-care can also be doing your nails, a hair mask or a face mask. You cannot pour into another cup if yours is half full so always take care of yourself first.

5. Growth on YouTube.

I've really been enjoying creating content now more than ever. YouTube will always be my first platform love because I would watch my favorite YouTubers doing 'what's in my bag videos' all the time growing up. I'd like to manifest not only more subscribers on my channel but more collab opporotunities as well. I've had the pleasure of receiving a few collabs from brands already and I love how much more creative it makes me.

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