What I've Learned From Having Acne For 12 Years

For my first post, I wanted to dive into something a bit more personal. Being a content creator and seeing yourself on a screen constantly there are a few things I've been meaning to share. 

1. It's just skin.
I've had several people say "it's just skin" or "it's not really noticeable". Actually no it's not just skin, it's your identity and yes it is actually noticeable to me. It's not just skin when you have to get up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror. It's not just skin when every evening before bed you analyze your face for new breakouts. It's not just skin when it starts affecting your mental health, mood and contributing to your social anxiety. The next time you think to yourself things like acne and depression are 'minor' think again.

2. Knowledge is power. 
Instead of being a victim of my circumstances, I took the reigns. I sought a professional, read up on the science, and only purchased products that aligned with my skin needs. I stopped giving in to trends and what was popular to buy and instead only purchased products with ingredients that wouldn't irritate my skin. Now I always check the ingredient list before purchasing a product. I try to stay away from 'fragrance/parfum' which is irritating and 'alcohol denat' which makes my skin produce more sebum.

3. Less is more.
Have you ever heard of the 10 step skincare routine? Yea. I tried it once and my skin freaked. Now I'm sure it works for some people out there but my skin loves simple. All I really need is a cleanser, moisturizer, spf and sometimes an eye cream. I find that my best skin days are when I stick to a simple no-fuss routine. 

I will share a skincare routine post soon to update you on all the products that have been working at the moment! Let me know down below if you also struggle with acne-related issues and what has been helping you deal with it.

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